The most independent music magazine you will find in Shoreditch

At That 70s Music Magazine we dress like the 70s never ended (also for that environment-friendly! #thrift).

Who said that crazy heels and furry coats clash so badly with the new sounds coming from the local London pubs of the 2020s, though?

Those pubs are where everyone started, from David Bowie to Peter Gabriel, they were all playing on a five inch tall wooden stage with a 25W amp for the price of three beers twenty percent off.

We believe that was the spirit of the 70s and we want to bring it back with the real-est narratives of our carefully selected artists who will shape the future of the music industry, just like they did in the 70s.

Stay tuned!

We promise:

  • No boring Q&A’s
  • DETAILED narratives about our nights with the artists #ykwim
  • Suggestions of the best places to discover new music
  • A monthly treat of glam old pictures and probably unknown sneaky facts about our all time favourites from the actual 70s

If you make music we should listen to or you are a venue that cares about its artists selection, get in touch for the featuring price of a pint at a pub and some time to chat about your project!